Years ago, while on a romantic trip to an island off the coast of Florida, we enjoyed an amazing dining experience featuring salts from around the world. We loved the concept and wondered if there were retail stores featuring salt. We looked throughout the US for a shop, but couldn’t find one.

As a concept, ‘The Salt Table®’ brand began to take root as Christmas approached in 2007. Carol mixed together a new and amazing seasoning blend. Dave developed a realistic package design and web site. We named the blend “All ‘Round Good Grinder Blend” and sent it to our friends and family as a gift. A few months later refill requests began to pour in. Eventually Dave said to Carol, “We’ve got to start charging for this!”

So it began. In July 2011 the first Salt Table shop opened in beautiful and historic Savannah, Georgia. We now produce over 200 flavors under the Salt Table brand. All continue to be hand mixed. Recipes remain secret. And, all can be sampled in our shops.

More recently we added Georgia wine and specialty foods produced by other food artisans under the Georgia Grown® program. Our products are now available in our shops, online, and in fine stores throughout the South.

To many our loyal customers, thank you!

Carol and Dave








51 Barnard St.

Savannah, GA  31401



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