Join Savannah Pride and the Savannah LGBT Center, with funding from the City of Savannah, as we step back onto legendary Christopher Street circa 1969 for a block party celebrating the spark that lit PRIDE across the world.


At 1:20AM on June 28th, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn. These raids were common, but tonight would be different. Patrons in drag refused to comply with officers seeking to "confirm their gender". Other patrons refused to provide identification. As police sexually assaulted lesbians during frisks, the tensions grew. Instead of dispersing, a crowd of 150 or so remained and gathered outside the bar. A trans woman was shoved. Gay men and women were carried out and roughed up by police. Finally, Stormé DeLarverie, a lesbian woman of color from New Orleans, escaped police grasp as she was taken from the bar. She fought with police and was clubbed in the head by a night stick. Witnesses say she screamed, "Why don't you guys do something!?" and it was that moment everything changed. The riots began as the crowd turned their anger towards the police, throwing bottles and overturning cars. Rather than dispersing, the crowd grew larger. Police were outnumbered by the hundreds and the world would never be the same.


On June 28th, we celebrate the legends who risked their lives and safety for a better world. We celebrate the great patriots who understood that making America great meant fighting for those on the margins of society. We celebrate the lives lost and the love gained by all those who have fought for justice against an oppressive state. On June 28th, we celebrate the birth of PRIDE!

Drink Tickets $5 at the Event.

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