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Welcome to the new home for conversations relating to the Savannah LGBT+ community. In the coming months and years, we look forward to not just updating you on LGBT activities in the Savannah area, but also having meaningful discussions about the issues that matter to our community.

Savannah Pride is where Savannah shows its Pride

You may notice that we alternate between "Pride In Savannah" and "Savannah Pride" in our titles across the internet, so we should take a moment to explain. "Savannah Pride" is the organization, the events, the experience that is created by the team of volunteers that work year round to build space for our community to come together for activities in Savannah.

Pride in Savannah is where Pride is discussed more broadly among our community

"Pride in Savannah" is your voice. It's the place where we can share our Pride discussions, photos, blogs, and videos. Pride in Savannah can include stories from anywhere about anything important to the LGBT+ community. So in that sense, it isn't "Savannah Pride", it is simply Pride. And hence the difference in language. We're talking Pride and doing it in Savannah. So Join us! You can find Pride in Savannah on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as right here on the new Pride in Savannah Blog. Your voice matters, so we hope you'll express your pride on all of these platforms.

Lastly, from time to time you will see guest writers who might express an opinion you disagree with. We encourage you to join the community and engage in the discussion in the comments section. However, in the spirit of welcoming diverse perspectives, please always engage respectfully. We will moderate conversations to ensure this space remains safe for individuals to voice their thoughts on the challenges and joys of our community. Our hope is that a deeper view of each other will foster empathy and respect and bring us all closer together.

Thank you for stopping by! We're excited to welcome you in.

Savannah Pride

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