My name is Lisa Ring. I am running for Congress for Georgia's First District because I believe in protecting the interests of hard working people and their families. I am a mother of four, a military spouse, a military mom, and a former corrections officer, and I am the new face of politics.

I’ve been involved in grassroots organizing for over 30 years.  I will be the voice of the voter, advocating for our shared  interests in Washington D.C.  As a resident and leader in the 1st CD, I will work tirelessly to ensure each of us has the freedom to aspire and to thrive.  I will honor our families and promote affordable housing, single-payer universal healthcare, quality education, equal opportunity, and safe communities. As a member of a labor union family, I will advocate for the rights of workers to organize for a safe workplace, decent benefits, and fair pay.  

I have lived all over the United States and chose to make coastal Georgia my home in 2010. I am a former corrections officer and was an executive director of a state funded anti-recidivism program for convicted felons. I support law enforcement, as they serve our neighborhoods.  I also stand for the rights of the incarcerated and their families, to be treated with respect and humanity, safe from harm.

My husband, John, is an Infantryman in the Georgia Army National Guard and a freight train conductor. We have four incredible children; two grown daughters, a son who is currently in basic training for the U.S. Army, and an 11 year old son who attends public school in Bryan County. As a military spouse and mom, I am committed to the needs of veterans and their families.  They deserve the benefits they earn and to be honored for their service, rather than to be neglected and forgotten. 

I never aspired to be a politician. But, like you, I’m sick of our democracy being hijacked by big money, profiting only a handful of people at the expense of hardworking folks. Harmful legislation is being sponsored by officials who are serving large corporations and powerful special interests. They seek to govern your life for their own profit, not yours. Our environment is being destroyed. Our children are going to bed hungry and poorly educated. Our disabled and elderly are given no comfort. Our under-resourced citizens suffer loss of hope. How can we trust candidates who pay lip service to our priorities and then, once elected, fail to hear the voices of their constituents?

We must restore our faith in the future and raise our expectations. Envision a society that values all people; young and old, black and white, rural and urban, working and retired, service member and civilian. We can create a system which is fair for all; and institute policies which promote security, equality, and prosperity.

I am not accepting corporate or super-PAC money. My campaign is fully funded by small, individual contributions. Your involvement is vital for our success. Please support us in any way you can. Contribute, volunteer, talk to your friends and family; and vote for me, Lisa Ring, on election day!  If you will join us in this fight for a moral democracy, it will certainly not be easy, but together we will win.







P.O. Box 61112
Savannah, GA 31402



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