Savannah PRIDE Community Guidelines

Savannah Pride – Online Community Guidelines



Thank you for joining us here at Savannah Pride. Our online social pages are here to help bring the community closer together. We want all of our social members to feel safe and we wish to allow for a fun, engaging and worry free environment.


Failure to follow the Community Guidelines will result in an initial written warning. Should it continue the next step is your removal from the Savannah Pride Social Community and subsequently the removal of all your contributions.



  • Respect Others – Regardless of someone’s ethnicity, gender identity, religion, background, age, sexual orientation, etc. Please have respect for that person. We all have differences and we are all unique in many ways. Remember why we are all here; to bring the community together and celebrate PRIDE.


  • Keep posts & replies friendly – We have a variety of opinions, thoughts and ideas and they will always differ from person to person, we ask that you do not speak ill of another person because of how they feel or what they believe in. Friendly debate, questions and banter are welcome. It is our nature to question, but lets do it with kindness not malice.


  • Please refrain from any third party advertising – We ask that you do not try to sell, promote or try to recruit our social members for any business related items unless prior consent is given by PRIDE.  Please keep all posts, replies and questions related to PRIDE or our community


  • Harassment, bigotry and hatred will not be tolerated – Should a member of PRIDE believe another social member if in any way harassing or threatening another member of our community you will be immediately removed from any and all social communities related to Savannah PRIDE.


  • No obscene posts or photos – any and all obscene or otherwise crude posts, photos or comments will be immediately removed, with given warning or removal of poster.


  • See something, say something – while our moderators consistently monitor and engage within the social community, some information may slip past our site. We ask that is you see anything that may be in violation of our community guidelines to please let us know!




We are all here to support each other. No matter where you come from we are one community, so please, chill, have fun, support one another and most importantly don’t be a dick!

*Subject to change  - Last Updated 5/30/17

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